Anton Watson

Anton Watson is Gonzaga's 6'8" forward and a Spokane native who is celebrated for his multifaceted game. His ability to score in clutch moments and his tenacious defensive skills make him a standout recruit. His roots in Spokane run deep, and he's actively involved in local community service projects that reflect his commitment to making a lasting impact both on and off the hardwood.

Ben Gregg

Ben Gregg, Gonzaga's 6'8" powerhouse, adds a dynamic edge to the team's lineup. With his ability to dominate in the paint, drain crucial three-pointers, and excel in pressure situations, he's a pivotal player. Off the court, he’s a scholar-athlete who balances academics with his passion for basketball. Ben's commitment extends far beyond the court, where he actively participates in community initiatives that leave a lasting impact.

Braden Huff

Braden Huff, hailing from Bolingbrook, Illinois where he was a standout graduate of Bolingbrook High School, is a rising star. His towering 6'10" frame and versatility as a forward make him a formidable presence on the court. Braden's high school basketball career was illustrious, marked by championship victories and personal accolades, showcasing his scoring prowess, rebounding skills, and shot-blocking abilities. With his remarkable high school achievements, he's poised to make a significant impact at Gonzaga. 

Colby Brooks

Introducing Colby Brooks, a standout player with roots in the sun-soaked city of Los Angeles, California. Standing at 6'8", Colby's role as a forward brings depth to the squad. His journey to the team as a walk-on in 2020 showcases his unwavering dedication to the game. Colby's basketball story began on the iconic courts of Los Angeles, where he refined his skills and gained recognition for his exceptional talent. Beyond the game, he's a passionate advocate for community engagement, actively working to uplift his hometown and create positive change. 

Dusty Stromer

Meet Dusty Stromer, an exciting prospect on Gonzaga's basketball team, originally from the Golden State of California. Standing tall at 6'6", his prowess as a forward adds depth to the roster. Dusty's high school basketball career in California was marked by lots of accolades and successes, with notable achievements in scoring and defense.

Graham Ike

Graham Ike, originally from Aurora, Colorado, is poised to make a significant impact on Gonzaga's basketball roster. Standing tall at 6'9", his versatility as a forward and impressive athleticism set him apart. Graham transferred from Wyoming where, as a sophomore, he was named first-team All-Mountain West Conference. Now a Zag, he adds a unique dimension to the team with his scoring ability and defensive prowess. He's primed to be a game-changer for the Bulldogs.

Joe Few

Meet Joe Few, whose basketball lineage runs deep as the son of head coach Mark Few. At 6'4", Joe's role as a guard contributes to the team's success. Raised in a basketball-centric family, he cultivated a genuine passion for the sport. Joe's decision to play for Gonzaga continues the Few family's remarkable legacy. Beyond basketball, he's a driven student-athlete, striving to excel while honoring the championship-winning tradition his father has built.

Luka Krajnovic

Nolan Hickman

Nolan Hickman, the pride of Seattle, Washington, is a dynamic guard with experience for the Zags. Standing at 6'2", he's known for his exceptional ball-handling and playmaking abilities. His basketball journey traces back to the vibrant basketball culture of Seattle, where he developed his skills and earned recognition for his on-court prowess. Off the court, Nolan's commitment to community empowerment shines through his foundation, where he channels his passion to support young athletes in his hometown. With his talent, dedication, and community-driven spirit, Nolan is poised for greatness at Gonzaga. 


Ryan Nembhard 

Ryan Nembhard, hailing from Ontario, Canada, (and following in the footsteps of his brother Andrew who also played for Gonzaga) is a rising star on Gonzaga's long list of exceptional point guards. At 6'2", Ryan brings a unique Canadian flair to the game. He's known for his exceptional ball-handling skills and court vision. Off the court, Ryan shares a special bond with his brother who is making waves in the NBA, and is dedicated to carving his own path as a standout student-athlete at Gonzaga. 

Steele Venters

Steele Venters, a native of Ellensburg, Washington, is set to make his mark at Gonzaga University after recently transferring from Eastern Washington. Standing tall at 6'6", his versatility as a forward is a valuable asset to the team. Steele's basketball journey commenced on the courts of Ellensburg, where he fine-tuned his skills and later gained acclaim at Eastern Washington. Beyond the hardwood, Steele is committed to community service, reflecting the strong community ties of his hometown.